Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Production Update (3-25-2014)

Incase anyone thinks I've been slacking off...

Seen above are two stacks of Idol Artifact Pedestals. The four on the left have been base-coated and ready to paint. The three on the right need final cleanup to be sealed and primed. As a side note, as of this writing, FIVE of these pedestals have already been claimed through a waiting list. If you want first dibs on a pedestal, or any item you see here, please feel free to contact me and I'll place your name down for one before they are officially back in stock to the general public. Many of my stuff will show as "sold out" for quite a long time, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can't order one. I place things "in stock" and ready-to-order on landronartifacts.com if I have a handful of them that have not been claimed ahead of time. So, as I've mentioned before, the quickest, surest way to get a hold of any "sold out" item is to contact me.

Here are base-coated castings of the "Tongue" and "Fangs" small wall reliefs, part of the City of the Twin Serpents (COTS) artifact series.

....But is that all?

Heeeeeck no! Top right are five Siva Linga stone castings almost ready for sealing and priming.

Six more Siva Linga stones, base-coated and all snug in their bunks, ready for final painting. Two more are on a shelf.

Didn't think I forgot about these guys did ya? Here are eight "Faces" tea-light holders, also part of the COTS artifact series. These are fresh out of the mold. And yes, those three objects hiding on the far right are three more Siva Linga stone castings fresh out of the mold.

And lastly, these two "Twin Serpent Guardian Spirit" wall reliefs are also ready for final painting.

Wheww! Time for a drink...