Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Art Print Available

"The Mariner"

Click HERE for a higher resolution preview.

Here is a reproduction of a beautiful engraving where we see several terrified sailors caught in a horrific storm. The image of death is seen breaking the mast, signifying the impending demise of those aboard.

While many 18th-19th century illustrations such as these are under the public domain, this one is specially reproduced here in an atmospheric and aged quality and with gritty color tones. This print is a perfect addition to any "steampunk" or maritime collection and will look stunning in a suitable frame.

(Closeup detail.)

(Closeup detail.)

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Monday, October 15, 2012

New Gifts & Décor Section

I got sick and tired of that empty "Décor" space. I had intended to put in strictly crafts-type items but I felt that was too limited, so now it's pretty much anything else that doesn't fit into the "Art & Prints" and "Models & Replicas" categories.

Yeah, I know, it's a pretty pathetic selection right now but it'll get bigger. Much of the items that will be populating that page will be stuff sold through a third-party source, so I won't be handling the sales for these.

Here's a sampling of what's up as of this writing:

"Humanoid 1" Mug

"Humanoid 1" Journal

"Humanoid 1" Aluminum Front License Plate

"Humanoid 2" Compact Mirror

Click HERE to visit the new page and for more detailed info on each item.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Last night I had Chinese food for dinner. I liked the sentiment in the fortune cookie slip so much that it's now a permanent fixture on the front of my work bench as a reminder.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mayan Tea Light Holder - Chiseling Away!

Here's part two of my Mayan/Aztec inspired tea light candle holder. Well, not exactly chiseling, but carving away with a rotary tool. Two of the four faces have now taken shape, though they will both be tweaked a little later on. Once the forms are all carved in I'll be adding in stone-like surface textures like cracks, cleaving surfaces, and scratches (I had already begun some the surface work, though it's far from complete).

Here's a view from the untouched side. Here you can see the surface marked with the general design to tool in later.

Next update, the completed sculpt...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mayan Inspired Tea Light Candle Holder W.I.P.

Movin' on to starting on some new projects, a while back I worked out some original design concepts for some Mayan/Aztec inspired projects. First up is the tea light candle holder:

Here's the initial sculpt. I'm starting out with the basic shape. Once dry, all the final detailing will be tooled into the hard surface.

The faces are, well, faceless... for now. 

Test fitting a tea light. It fits!

"Seahorse" Humanoid Sculpt

Just for fun as a personal project,  I'm experimenting on re-visiting some old sketches of mine of various original creature designs and reproducing them in three dimensions. I figured I could use some practice with some sculpting tools I haven't had the chance to use yet (in fact, I forgot I even had them). This one is what I call "Seahorse" for lack of a better name. I never know exactly what it is I'm drawing, it just all kind of automatically creates itself and forms into any nonsensical form it wants. So if you'd ask me what any of these creatures are, where they live, how they're supposed to move in a real environment, what they eat, if they're aliens or beings from another dimension... I have no clue. So for this "Seahorse" I can't say that I had an aquatic creature in mind, nor does it imply this thing could actually swim (because it doesn't look like it has any efficient means of locomotion). All it is is what it is, just something weird and cool looking.

I'm revising and refining certain aspects of the original design as I go so the final sculpt won't match the sketch 100%. Here's the work in progress.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Art Print Available

11" x 17" Photographic print (full bleed)

Click HERE for a higher resolution view.

(Close up views)

Printed on high quality photo paper. This piece is printed in an entirely photochemical process, assuring you the highest quality reproduction. This is not a cheap ink-jet print. Print size is 11 inches wide and 17 inches tall and is shipped carefully rolled in a durable cardboard mailing tube.

Click HERE to order yours!