Sunday, September 29, 2013

Siva Linga Stone Replicas - Fall 2013 Castings Update

Been casting these as time permits. Unfortunately it looks like it's time for this mold to retire so I'll probably need to produce a new one, or repair the existing one. I'll try the latter first. This couldn't have happened at a worse time (Halloween is approaching fast and that means other projects). I guess I can't complain too much as this one mold has been THE single mold I've been using ever since I've produced these, so it's had quite a bit of mileage, mostly due to the simple and relatively smooth surface (the more abrasive and complex the form, the more stress on the mold).

In the meantime, here are the castings I have so far. Not pictured are an additional 3 that have base coats on.

As I've said before, due to several requests, I'm making these high priority on my work bench. Having that said, these to take some time to produce. If it seems agonizingly slow... it is! There's only one mold so they are cast one at a time... and it's just me and my two hands doing these. What I wouldn't give to be an octopus right now.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Batch of Sivalinga Stones in the Works!

Due to several requests, as well as the overwhelming positive responses to this piece, I'll be making new batches of siva linga stones. I had already recently ordered more material to produce the stones and as soon as I'm ready to rock and roll I I'll be casting them like crazy! My goal is to make as large a batch as I can, but these things take time as they are hand-made and done as time permits. As soon as I have a few ready to ship, I'll be posting and update and announcing them as being "back in stock," at the same time working on more to increase the inventory.

While I don't have a specific timeframe at this point, I'm hoping to have some ready by the end of October. I'm working on several projects simultaneously, including a new small wall sculpture, painting more units of the "Twin Serpent" wall relief, the "Fangs" small wall relief, and the "Tongue" small wall relief (the latter three are in stock and ready to ship as of this writing), plus my halloween costume which is becoming somewhat more and more elaborate (details on that later). So for those who've been waiting for these to come back, I thank you for your infinite patience.

Keep checking right here on this blog for updates.

Meeting Captain Jack Sparrow at the PA Renaissance Faire

My first time at the PA Renaissance Faire last weekend my wife and a friend, and met up with one infamous scalawag, Captain Jack Sparrow. Being from another century he was understandably mesmerized by my rather modern camera.

I'll definitely be going back. We had an absolute blast.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back in Stock

"Tongue" small wall relief sculpture. Click HERE to order yours!

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Wall Relief in the Works!

Here's a sneak peek at the next sculpt from the "City of the Twin Serpents" series of artifacts... tentatively called "Hands" (although it might become its official designation in the end). It'll be similar in size to the previous "Fangs" design.

Stay tuned!