Sunday, April 8, 2012

And now... another update...

As stated in my last post, the medallion stand mold is pretty shot. I did a temporary fix that seemed to hold well enough for my recent casting. I'm sadly thinking its time to make a new mold. Kinda makes me mad since I was saving my silicone for another project.

So here's the bad news... it's gonna take some time to prep the master for a new mold. The original one was a single block mold with seams for separation. This was adequate for the type of sculpt, but it really takes a toll on the mold during demolding. So I'm thinking of doing the new mold as a two-part block mold for easier demolding and it'll make the new mold last much longer. But again, this will take some time as I prep the master for the process.

Now here's the good news... I have 1 egyptian and 2 aztec stands just recently painted and drying as I type this. I also have 2 additional fresh castings still curing.

For those of you who tried to order a stand or two from me but got a "sold-out" message, I'm sorry you missed the boat (though another one is coming) and I truly appreciate your patience.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And now.... an update....

Aaaaaagghhhhh!!!! Crap!!!! I just cast a new medallion stand and the mold ripped! I did a makeshift repair though. Hopefully it'll hold out for a few more castings before I'll inevitably need to make a new mold.

In the meantime, I have 5 good castings on hand, 3 of which I'm painting right now as I type this. This is possible because I'm an ambidexterous octopus. Though I have to tell you it's quite the challenge casting and painting with tentacles.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Medallion Display Stands Temporarily Sold Out

Just sold out of the medallion stands (both colors) so I'll be getting to work to replenish those throughout the week as time permits. Those last stands will also be mailed out sometime this week. I'll post updates on the progress as they progress progressively in all their progressive progressiveness.