Saturday, November 8, 2014

Siva Linga Stone — Production Update

And now for a long-overdue update…

Wow it really has been too long for me to get another batch back in stock but finally here they are in their basecoats. Time and energy have been in short supply lately but for those who've been so patiently on the waiting list to order these, trust me, they'll be coming back soon. The four seen above will be the first out the door, but there are a small number of other castings standing by for cleanup. The mold for this item is on its last legs so a new an improved mold will need to be made for future batches, but for that I'm waiting until I complete this long-neglected piece:

Not a whole lot left to finish it ("Palms" small wall relief) but I'm holding off on getting more silicone for the molds until I have more than just one thing to make a mold of. Uncured liquid silicone has a lifespan once the container is opened and it gets pretty lousy if stored for a while so it's best to get as much of it used up at once and not have to store much leftover. This saves tons of money too as silicone is not cheap.

Stay tuned!