Sunday, May 17, 2015

"They don't leave much, do they?"

Thus were the words uttered by James Best's character, Thorne Sherman, as he picks up a jacket ripped to shreds with no trace of its unfortunate owner in the 1959 camp cult classic, The Killer Shrews.

What started as a mad scientist's experiment of my own ended up in a project I'm aiming to see into completion, a bust depicting one of the creatures from the film. I had some time ago acquired a new kind of clay that I'm quickly falling in love with and will definitely become an often-used medium in my workbench for years to come. As I started experimenting with the clay I began to fashion my own interpretation of the foul creatures, testing along the way how well the clay performs with various tools and conditions.

Here he is in various stages of progress, and he's really hungry!


Stay tuned!