Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh Man! This Sucker's Comin' Home!!!!

I've built a couple of make-shift spray booths to save my lungs from the terrible paint fumes while sealing/priming/clearcoating, and none of them work well enough to keep me from feeling like I'm floating in Neverland with a hangover. The wife also had enough of the fumes and I can't say that I blame her. It's now come to a point where I had to say, "Enough is enough! No more screwing around! I gotta get a spray booth... a real spray booth." After all, it's my lungs we're talking about.

After extensive research I've found several interesting options ranging from cheap to somewhat expensive, each one with their own deal-breaking pros and cons. I've also found that good spray booths don't come cheap and you generally get what you pay for, at best. None I've seen so far impressed me for what they offered at their price tag, until now. Now I've found my new ultimate weapon. Feast your eyes on this wicked piece of industrial machinery...

(Image © Pace Enterprises, as seen on

Meet the "PEACE KEEPER DELUXE"! 34 x 20 ginormous inches of work space and 265 cubic-feet-per-minute air-sucking power! And incase you didn't notice by the ol' spangled banner across the overhead front panel, this hunk of metal is made in America, son!

(Image © Pace Enterprises, as seen on

This baby comes equipped with internal lighting and dedicated toggle switches for the fan, lights, and each power socket on the side for hooking up other tools.

(Image © Pace Enterprises, as seen on

This is the flagship model in a series of spray booths designed and personally built by independent entrepreneur Robert Pace of Pace Enterprises in Perrysburg, Ohio. After reading up on all the reviews I could find on his booths I was sold. I called Bob up on the phone, who by the way from what I've read is the sweetest, most upstanding fella, and I can attest to that fact by my delightful phone conversation. After thinking it over a bit more, I called him back and placed my order.

No, it wasn't cheap, but not unreasonable either when compared to the competition. No other offerings at this price point had anywhere close to the work space that this one offers, not to mention internal lighting, handy extra two power sockets, and the professional quality look and construction. And from what I've read all over the web, The "Peacekeeper Deluxe" seems to represent the elite of hobby spray booths short of multi-thousand dollar industrial monstrosities. I've heard nothing but rave reviews from people who've been using Bob's booths for years and I'm sure I'll be yet another voice giving Bob high praises for his handiwork. I can't wait to use it when it arrives, and I'll be sure to post some pics and my thoughts on my new toy.

Big investments should be those that are meant to last, and I have no doubt this thing's gonna be getting a lot of use for years to come. I can already hear my lungs thanking me.