Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Make way! The Peace Keeper is Here! My Review...

A while back I posted about ordering my latest addition to my shop: a monstrous 36-inch wide spray booth dubbed the "Peace Keeper Deluxe" by Pace Industries.

The beast came the other day and boy it's a beauty!!!! So far I'm loving it!

Sooooooo much roooooom to paint in! I lined the inside with paper held up by little magnetic push-pins.

I love that it's internally lit. Because I'll be using rattle cans primarily with this booth, I'm using a sheet of paper towel (held up by magnets) to act as a kind of pre-filter due to the huge amount of overspray that rattle cans spew out. This keeps the actual filter clean for longer, otherwise it will clog within minutes, rendering it useless really quickly. Replacing the paper towel is also far cheaper.

I did however need to seal some the inside corners with aluminum tape to keep the air from leaking. The only air I want escaping is through the filter, through the fan, and out the window. Sealing the frame that holds the filter is a must for keeping the fan particle free.

I also love the inclusion of the two power sockets on the side. I have these powering an overhead utility lamp and an additional ventilation fan mounted in the ceiling to help clear the air of escaped paint odor. Each is individually wired with its own switch (Power Port 1 / Power Port 2) which is really handy.

This spray booth seemed to work pretty darn well for my needs, and I expect it performs even better with handling airbrush overspray. Aerosol spray cans are just so messy and they can be a challenge for many spray booths, but the Peace Keeper seemed to handle it perfectly well, so long as the paper towel pre-filter is replaced often.

My thoughts? Worth every penny. I even did a blind test and ask the wife if she smelled anything. She smelled nothing so I guess it's doing its job. It did however need a couple of adjustments like sealing the inside corners with aluminum tape, and the filter is a little cumbersome to replace as it's in an awkward angle. The unit is made of thick sheet metal so one can expect things to need bending back into shape for better fit. This was the case with the filter frame. But not a big deal. Easy fix, and now it's perfect.

If anyone out there is shopping for a spray booth, check out Bob Pace's selection first. Everyone I've found who owns one of his booths is extremely happy with them. Mr. Pace just earned himself a new fan!