Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dead Cthulhu Waits Dreaming, and Green with Envy

Don't adjust your monitors, this here is a green variant of my mini Cthulhu Idol.

This new green stone version will be available soon. Keep checking right here for updates!

Medallion Display Stand Production Update

It's been a long time coming, but incase anyone is wondering what ever happened to the Medallion Display Stands and why they've been unavailable for so long, well I can say that YES... they're coming back. As you may have noticed on my latest blog entry I have no more than four pieces ready for their paint. More will be made as long as there's interest. If you want first dibs on the next batch please don't hesitate to contact me and request to be placed on the waiting list and reserve yours.

Piles of Stuff Ready to Paint!

Just a bundle of stuff to paint to keep me busy for the week.

Here is a batch of the "Tongue", "Fangs", and "Palms" wall reliefs, three Cthulhu idol statuettes, and four Medallion Display Stands (the things that look a bit like mini couches) all basecoated ready for their glorious paint.

Here's a pile of basecoated ready-to-paint Cthulhu wall reliefs to replenish the nearly sold-out previous batch. I have a very limited quantity of the last batch so click HERE and order soon if you don't want to wait for these.

And finally, one of five Siva Linga Stones ready to be painted to replenish the sold-out previous batch, though I do have one available and ready to ship through my Etsy store.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Idol Artifact Pedestals Back in Stock!

A small batch of Idol Artifact pedestals are boxed up and ready to ship!

Proudly display your golden fertility idol, or any special artifact in your collection on this hand-crafted display pedestal.

Measuring approximately 8" in diameter, this pedestal has a commanding presence that is sure to draw attention, yet manageable enough to fit comfortably on a table-top or display case. Each is hand cast and hand painted with meticulous attention to detail to achieve an amazingly convincing stone-like appearance. Soft felt pads are applied to the bottom to protect table-top surfaces.

For more info, or to place an order, click HERE.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Idol Artifact Pedestal Production Update

Here you see stacked the latest completed batch of Idol Artifact Pedestals, which will be boxed up and ready to ship within the next day or two. These are expected to sell out fairly quickly so if you haven't requested to reserve yours, now is the time.

For more info, or to reserve yours, click HERE.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Siva Linga Stone Replicas Back in Stock

The latest summer batch of Siva Linga stone replicas is ready to ship. For more info, or to place an order, click HERE.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Production Update: Lots of Stuff Happenin'

Seen above are fresh-out-of-the-mold resin casts of the Cthulhu light switch cover plates. This new batch is well underway to replenish the previous one.

I do have just a tiny handful ready to ship however, so if you don't feel like waiting, now is the time to get yours by clicking HERE!

Also on the assembly line are the Cthulhu pendants and magnets. 

To be available soon. Click HERE for more details.

We're not done with Cthulhu just yet. Above are a stack of wall reliefs fresh out of the mold.

Click HERE for more details.

Movin' on over to non-Cthulhu items... a brand new batch of Siva Linga stones to replenish sold-out previous batch. These are fresh out of the mold and curing as I type this.

More info HERE.

Oh yes! Lots of molds are getting a good workout this weekend! Seen above is a soon-to-be Idol Artifact Pedestal in the process of getting cast. I'm going to make these a priority as a few people have been patiently waiting for these to be available again for a very long time. (I appreciate your patience if one of these is yours.)

Seen above is a stack of fresh pedestals waiting to be cleaned up, primed, and painted.

(Completed pedestals from last year's batch.)

These are expected to sell quickly so if you're name isn't on the waiting list, it would be a good idea to contact me and request to place one on reserve. Click HERE for more info.

So yeah, it's been a busy weekend. Time for a drink!