Monday, June 18, 2012

New Medallion Stand Mold Complete!

As I previously stated posts, my original Medallion Stand mold ripped in a really bad spot that will prevent it from yielding any more castings, so I'm considering that one defunct. Well, I finally finished the new mold, which is slightly better than my previous one and hopefully will yield far more castings than my previous one. Right now I'm doing some test castings to see how she works and hopefully I can finally make these stands available again.

Fingers crossed!

Monday, June 4, 2012

They're back!!!!

Didn't I tell ya?

I said "very soon" didn't I?

Order yours today right HERE!

I'm the Mad Caster...

...Meaning, I'm casting more Siva Linga stones like a madman! They will be available again very soon.

Note the above pic is from the last batch, so those Medallion Stand castings are outa here. But, again, new mold is being made and I'm hoping (time permitting) to have a brand new mold made so I can get down to finally casting them again.