Saturday, March 18, 2017

Waiting List Update

Apologies for the delays in fulfilling these for those on the waiting list for sold-out items. Time and energy has been in short supply (the perils of having a full-time day job). Here's a peek at the latest batch of Siva Linga stones, as well as a brown version of the Cthulhu idol. The latter is currently the only brown one I have and is on reserve, but more will be made as time permits.

And now a quick update on other sold-out items.

I have requests for the Idol Artifact Pedestal as well as the long sold-out Medallion Display Stands. Again, rest assured these will be coming back and as time permits I'll be starting production on them again. Keep checking back on this blog for updates and I thank you all for your patience.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tiki Pirate Merch Now Available to Order

Based on my Tiki Pirate illustration, several items are available to order exclusively from my Redbubble store. Here are just a few of the offerings.

Poster prints. (Available in assorted sizes and formats.)

For more info, visit my Redbubble page by clicking HERE.

Landron Artifacts does Tiki

One of my not-so-secret loves is for all things "tiki". Having been away from the illustration saddle for far too long, I decided my next project would be this little guy...

(Concept sketch.)

I've always wanted to do pirate-themed and tiki-themed art so I decided to combine both. Meet, Tiki Pirate...