Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some Original Design Ideas

I thought I'd share these original concept designs for possible future items I might tackle. These are all mostly inspired by Mayan art, but are not based on any existing structure or artifact. If there's enough interest I might make some of these into wall reliefs. What do you think?

This last one I'm thinking of making into a votive candle holder.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Idol Artifact Pedestals are READY TO SHIP!!!

Believe it! It's been a far too long process to get just a handful of these completed, but they are boxed up and ready to ship to you! As of this writing I currently have a small batch so if you try to place an order and get a "sold out" message, no worries. More will be made.

Measuring approximately 8" in diameter, this pedestal has a commanding presence that is sure to draw attention, yet manageable enough to fit comfortably on a table-top or display case. Each is cast in a thick outer layer of high-strength gypsum cement with a rigid foam core, resulting in a rock hard surface while remaining relatively lightweight. Each is also hand painted with meticulous attention to detail to achieve an amazingly convincing stone-like appearance. Soft felt pads are applied to the bottom to protect table-top surfaces.

Short of acquiring an impractically massive full-scale pillar, if you're looking for the ultimate display stand for your fertility idol replica and are short on space, this is the one!

Click HERE to order yours!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Idol Pedestals Name Changes

I hope everyone's having a great Labor Day.

I've been getting a little tired of calling the new pedestal the "economy" pedestal, since it sounds rather dumb and implies (at least to my ears) that it's worth two bucks and calls to mind the sad state of the country's economy. While yes, the new pedestal is far more economical and will be far more affordable than the much larger "18" diameter pedestal" I've offered in the past, I'm starting to consider it simply as the Idol Artifact Pedestal, and the other one the "Elite" pedestal, since it's a special made-to-order item. Nothing has changed on either pedestal, only the names.

Idol Artifact Pedestal

Idol Artifact Pedestal - Elite

Have a great Labor Day! Or what's left of it.

Pedestal Layer Cake

Well, not exactly, just a bunch of fresh castings of pedestals drying. The pink stuff is carved foam placed between each casting to keep air flowing between them to speed up the curing process. Each will take about a week to fully cure and be ready for filling, sanding, sealing, priming, and painting.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Idol Artifact Economy Pedestal Final Product Images and thoughts on Pricing

Here are the final "hero" shots of the new economy pedestal. 

Final price hasn't been decided yet, but I'm trying to keep it as affordable as possible, while factoring in the time it takes to make them. To put it into perspective, my approximately 3 1/2" wide medallion stands are $35 (as of this writing) which includes an average shipping cost. My 5 1/2" tall Siva Linga Stones run for $55 (as of this writing), also including the average shipping cost for the item. This new pedestal measures a good 8" in diameter. I made sure to keep the weight and material costs to a bare minimum. However there is more involved in the making of each of these pedestals than that of the medallion stands and Siva Linga stones. These pedestals are also bigger and take more time to prep. But I want to be as fair as possible while not alienating anyone. Having said that, all I can promise is that the final price will definitely be under $70.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Idol Artifact "Economy" Pedestal — Completed Casting Photos

Here are a few pics of the first completed casting of the pedestal. I also had a little time to pull two castings today and are sitting to dry. The limitations of the lighting and the camera used don't quite reflect the color perfectly but these images are pretty close to what it looks like in real life.