Friday, September 21, 2012

Idol Artifact Pedestals are READY TO SHIP!!!

Believe it! It's been a far too long process to get just a handful of these completed, but they are boxed up and ready to ship to you! As of this writing I currently have a small batch so if you try to place an order and get a "sold out" message, no worries. More will be made.

Measuring approximately 8" in diameter, this pedestal has a commanding presence that is sure to draw attention, yet manageable enough to fit comfortably on a table-top or display case. Each is cast in a thick outer layer of high-strength gypsum cement with a rigid foam core, resulting in a rock hard surface while remaining relatively lightweight. Each is also hand painted with meticulous attention to detail to achieve an amazingly convincing stone-like appearance. Soft felt pads are applied to the bottom to protect table-top surfaces.

Short of acquiring an impractically massive full-scale pillar, if you're looking for the ultimate display stand for your fertility idol replica and are short on space, this is the one!

Click HERE to order yours!