Sunday, September 2, 2012

Idol Artifact Economy Pedestal Final Product Images and thoughts on Pricing

Here are the final "hero" shots of the new economy pedestal. 

Final price hasn't been decided yet, but I'm trying to keep it as affordable as possible, while factoring in the time it takes to make them. To put it into perspective, my approximately 3 1/2" wide medallion stands are $35 (as of this writing) which includes an average shipping cost. My 5 1/2" tall Siva Linga Stones run for $55 (as of this writing), also including the average shipping cost for the item. This new pedestal measures a good 8" in diameter. I made sure to keep the weight and material costs to a bare minimum. However there is more involved in the making of each of these pedestals than that of the medallion stands and Siva Linga stones. These pedestals are also bigger and take more time to prep. But I want to be as fair as possible while not alienating anyone. Having said that, all I can promise is that the final price will definitely be under $70.