Sunday, March 18, 2012

FOR SALE: McFarlane Toys' ASH 18" Figure

"Hail to the king, baby!"

Selling this bad boy as it's been in my basement totally neglected and I'd rather have it in the hands of someone who would appreciate it and proudly display it the way it deserves. Here is a now rare, collectible, and very sought-after 18-inch-scale Ash figure from the Evil Dead series. This figure represents Ash as featured in Army of Darkness.

Wrists, arms, neck, waist, and ankles are articulated.

Gun, er... "Boomstick" and chainsaw is removable.

Button in the back turns on/off motion-activated sound featuring memorable lines from the movie. Still works perfectly and nice and loud as when it was brand new.

This figure is in very good condition for being out of the box. It's only missing the tiny clamp that used to be glued to his right shoulder strap (presumably supposed to be used to start the chainsaw one-handed... probably good for Ash). It was always such a tiny little detail that it was barely noticeable anyway, so in my opinion, it doesn't detract from the figure much at all. Also missing is his removable mechanical right hand, which would have been used in place of the chainsaw, which I think looks far cooler anyway. I have a feeling it will turn up someday so if I find it, I'll mail it out to you at no extra charge. Other than that, he still looks badass!

This figure mint in box on Ebay commands $100 or more. See for yourself. Or $200 on Amazon! Loose outside of the box such as this one tend to go from around $70 or more.

But this one can be yours for $60 (or best offer), shipping is included.

Contact me if interested or if you have any questions. Sorry, I can only ship this within the US.