Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Friendly P.S.A.

When I see videos online of propmakers working with liquid resin and other chemicals without gloves or eye protection, it truly makes me cringe. I don't care how much experience you have, or how "professional" or careful you think you are — no project is worth risking injury or a bad case of "plastic finger skin" that will persist for weeks. You get just one small drop of accidentally flicked or splashed resin in your eye it WILL be painful, can cause some serious, sometimes permanent damage and partial or total vision loss depending on where it lands on your eye. Goggles are not expensive, and even dollar store ones can save your precious eyeballs from a really bad accident. Accidents are unexpected. That's why they're called "accidents".

To any fellow mad lab scientists out there, this is my P.S.A., if an accident has the potential to happen, it always pays to take precautions. Your personal safety should always be your first priority. When dealing with potentially hazardous materials or tools: don't wing it, don't improvise. Do things right.