Wednesday, May 17, 2017

So long, Etsy! It was fun, while it lasted. :(

Etsy will soon be suspending my account because I don't wish to give them my bank account number and other sensitive personal info which they now require from me to set up their proprietary checkout system. I had always assumed the fees I pay for listing each item was enough revenue for them to stay afloat. This is why I loved Etsy and hate Ebay. Now, it seems, they are no better than Ebay.

Sorry, but I have no reason to trust Etsy with that info or any website that has no business knowing it and they don't have the credentials to guarantee their ability to keep that information safe and secure. Enough of my personal info is already all over the internet without my help so I find them forcing sellers to hand over this info distasteful and wrong.

So what happens now? Of course I will always continue to sell direct on my own online store, which is the preferred way since there are no listing fees since the shop is my own (only PayPal keeps a portion) so it's the best way for customers to support my hard work. I will, on rare occasions, post something on Ebay (yes they charge fees, but they're not asking for more info they don't already have on me). In the meantime, I've given my Esty store a much needed makeover...

And yes, I plastered the same message on the default pics of my items. They're gonna suspend me anyway I figured why not just go out with a bang?