Sunday, July 31, 2016

Piles of Stuff Ready to Paint!

Just a bundle of stuff to paint to keep me busy for the week.

Here is a batch of the "Tongue", "Fangs", and "Palms" wall reliefs, three Cthulhu idol statuettes, and four Medallion Display Stands (the things that look a bit like mini couches) all basecoated ready for their glorious paint.

Here's a pile of basecoated ready-to-paint Cthulhu wall reliefs to replenish the nearly sold-out previous batch. I have a very limited quantity of the last batch so click HERE and order soon if you don't want to wait for these.

And finally, one of five Siva Linga Stones ready to be painted to replenish the sold-out previous batch, though I do have one available and ready to ship through my Etsy store.