Monday, November 30, 2015

Siva Linga Stone Replica Production Update

Gettin' there! I must say these first pulls from the new Siva Linga Stone mold have reproduced beautifully; much less fixing up required than with the previous, somewhat problematic mold.

Seen here are the new batch of Siva Linga Stone replicas all cleaned up and ready to be sealed, primed, and painted. Also seen here is an upside down stack of three Idol Artifact Pedestals with still some cleaning up to be done before they are ready to be painted. This is just the initial new batch, already reserved and spoken for from patient folks on the waiting list. I had to order more material to make more castings so rest assured more will be made. If you wish to reserve an early spot for either a stone or pedestal, please feel free to put in the request HERE.