Monday, April 28, 2014

Product Availability Update 4/28/2014

Here's a quick update on product availability. Firstly, I'd need to point out that I've been busy fulfilling requests placed on waiting lists, so those get first dibs on anything I'm working on. Any leftovers end up on the Landron Artifacts main site for purchase. So once again, due to many requests for reservations for items (which generally meet or exceed the current production size), items on the site seem to be almost always sold out more often than not, but that doesn't mean you can get the item. It may just mean they are being requested and purchased before they are officially "back in stock," which is why it's a good idea to request to be placed on a waiting list rather than wait, and wait, and wait for your desired item to be not "sold out".

That said, as you may have noticed on the past few posts, it's been full steam ahead with the "Faces" Tea Light Holders (most of which, as of this writing, have been claimed, with more to be available again soon).

The same goes with the Idol Artifact Pedestals which have been frequently requested. Of the last fairly large batch, all except two have been sold or on reserve via waiting list, so if you hurry, you can claim one of those last two before they're gone until the next batch.

There are still just a couple of the "Tongue" small wall reliefs (seen above) in stock and ready-to-ship.

As of this writing only one "Fangs" small wall relief (seen above) is in stock and ready-to-ship.

A sizable batch is replacing those as soon as the more sought-after items are completed.