Monday, May 27, 2013

Twin Serpent Guardian Spirit Wall Relief - Fresh out of the Mold

I recently pulled a handful of castings from the mold and are coming out great. The castings are not quite as heavy as I thought they would be. The images shown here are of a raw pulls fresh out of the mold so no they have not been cleaned up or touched up where needed.

Back with wire loop for wall hanging.


It looks like this first batch is going to end at 5 pieces until I order more material (7-pieces minus 1 sample and 1 to use as a master for future molds). That said, as a special note to those interested in ordering a completed piece when they are ready, if they happen to sell out before you place an order, don't worry. As those who've dealt with me before would know, I don't do limited runs in the traditional sense. Most everything I do is an open run done in small batches at a time, placed up for sale as they are available and ready to ship on a first come first served basis, and I'll continue to make more batches as long as people want them. Bottom line, there's no way you can permanently miss out as there will ALWAYS be more batches as long as there's demand.

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