Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Seahorse" Humanoid Sculpt

Just for fun as a personal project,  I'm experimenting on re-visiting some old sketches of mine of various original creature designs and reproducing them in three dimensions. I figured I could use some practice with some sculpting tools I haven't had the chance to use yet (in fact, I forgot I even had them). This one is what I call "Seahorse" for lack of a better name. I never know exactly what it is I'm drawing, it just all kind of automatically creates itself and forms into any nonsensical form it wants. So if you'd ask me what any of these creatures are, where they live, how they're supposed to move in a real environment, what they eat, if they're aliens or beings from another dimension... I have no clue. So for this "Seahorse" I can't say that I had an aquatic creature in mind, nor does it imply this thing could actually swim (because it doesn't look like it has any efficient means of locomotion). All it is is what it is, just something weird and cool looking.

I'm revising and refining certain aspects of the original design as I go so the final sculpt won't match the sketch 100%. Here's the work in progress.