Sunday, April 8, 2012

And now... another update...

As stated in my last post, the medallion stand mold is pretty shot. I did a temporary fix that seemed to hold well enough for my recent casting. I'm sadly thinking its time to make a new mold. Kinda makes me mad since I was saving my silicone for another project.

So here's the bad news... it's gonna take some time to prep the master for a new mold. The original one was a single block mold with seams for separation. This was adequate for the type of sculpt, but it really takes a toll on the mold during demolding. So I'm thinking of doing the new mold as a two-part block mold for easier demolding and it'll make the new mold last much longer. But again, this will take some time as I prep the master for the process.

Now here's the good news... I have 1 egyptian and 2 aztec stands just recently painted and drying as I type this. I also have 2 additional fresh castings still curing.

For those of you who tried to order a stand or two from me but got a "sold-out" message, I'm sorry you missed the boat (though another one is coming) and I truly appreciate your patience.