Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome to the Landron Artifacts Blog!

Hi folks!

This here is my first ever post on the new Landron Artifacts Blog. Here you will find (as the header description suggests) news, updates, and maybe a rant or two if you're lucky.

Of the half a dozen people who visit this site, a couple of them may have noticed the lack of updates and items being sold out for a while. Truth is I've been busy on other stuff and have been in a deplorably lazy mood. Coming this Christmas season I'm getting back on track and producing stuff again, with a few new projects on the horizon (hopefully).

First order of business, Siva Linga stones as of this writing, are BACK IN STOCK! 

I only have a few on hand at this time but more small batches will be produced  in the coming weeks.

You can order yours HERE.

Next up, the Medallion Display Stands are also being worked on and there will be a batch up for sale again soon.